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Pathways to care after experiencing sexual violence

​​​​Care needs, utilization of and experiences with medical and/or psychosocial care services from the perspective of those affected and professionals in Leipzig​​​​​​

German version

Project management:
Dr. Marie Kaiser

Co-project management:
Prof. Dr. Heide Glaesmer 

Gender-based violence is a global problem that can affect any person, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, with potentially far-reaching consequences. Professional support can help in coping with the experiences. Especially after experiencing sexual violence, medical doctors are the most frequently consulted contact persons. Nevertheless, many of those affected try to cope with the experience without professional help.

The project examines the care needs of those affected by sexual violence, the utilization of care services, and their experiences with the professional care system (medical primary care, psychosocial counseling, psychological psychotherapy)​,​ if these were used. The perspective of those affected will be collected via an online survey and individual interviews. Focus groups and/or individual interviews will be conducted to capture the experiences of practitioners working with affected persons.

The goals of the project are 1) to support more effective networking of psychosocial and medical care services in the city of Leipzig, 2) to improve access to care for people who have experienced sexual violence, and 3) to adapt existing care services for affected persons in Leipzig in a needs-oriented and target group-specific manner.

Are you affected yourself and would like to participate in the study? You can access the online survey here:​ Eng​lish / German​

Here you can find information for support services after experiencing sexual violence.​

Do you work with people affected by sexual violence and would like to support the project with an interview about your professional experiences? Please contact​.

The summary of the project results will be accessible here for all participants and those interested.​​

4/2023 – 4/2025


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