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Cancer and Work Network (CANWON)

Direction: Prof. Dr. Anja Mehnert

Co-operation partner:

Prof. Dr. Corinna Bergelt
Prof. Dr. Manfred Beutel
Dr. Rüdiger Zwerenz


Dr. Angela De Boer (Chair)
Dr. Tyna Taskila (Co-Chair)
Prof. Ziv Amir
Mr Alain Paraponaris
Dr. Linda Sharp
Dr. Joao Paulo Teixeira  

The number of cancer survivors in Europe is rapidly growing due to improved treatment and ageing population. Each year in Europe, 3.2 million new cancer patients are diagnosed including 1.6 million patients of working age. Many cancer survivors are at risk for unemployment which greatly affects their quality of life and financial situation. Research on cancer and work is therefore of great importance but scattered over Europe and lacking appropriate dissemination. Moreover, interventions supporting employment of cancer survivors are urgently required but scarcely developed. The COST-Action aimed to combine European knowledge on (i) prognostic factors of unemployment in cancer survivors including gender- and country-specific differences; (ii) work-related costs of survivorship for both patients and society; (iii) the role of employers; and iv) development and evaluation of innovative, interdisciplinary interventions which effectively support employment. This CANWON Action united 23 teams from 15 COST countries across different stakeholders and research areas. The project achieved important goals related to innovative interventions and future guidelines on cancer and work.

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European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

5/2013 – 5/2017

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