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GRIN registry


In this study we want to investigate clinical and genetic findings of GRIN-related disorders and collect data of affected individuals in a local registry at the Institute of Human Genetics at the University of Leipzig. You have the possibility to view the detailed study information at any time. After registration you can start entering data, pause it at any time and continue later on by using a login and ID.
It is possible to enter data directly, but also to upload documents or reports (e.g. molecular genetic findings, electroencephalography, magnetic resonance imaging, clinical reports, etc.), which will be reviewed by a member of our team and transferred pseudonymously into the registry.
The study has been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Leipzig, Germany.
The aims of the study are to establish a registry on GRIN-related disorders, to better understand genotype-phenotype correlations and finally to improve patient care.
This online registry is a collaborative effort with our close collaborators Stephen Traynelis (Emory University, Atlanta), Tim Benke (University of Colorado) and CureGRIN.


Prof. Dr. Johannes Lemke

Dr. Konrad Platzer
Ilona Krey


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04103 Leipzig
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