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Childhood obesity - Antje Körner


Current group members

Prof. Dr. med. Antje Körner
Group leader

​Background:​Pediatric endocrinologist
​Research interest:​Childhood obesity and associated complications
​Time period:​Since 2002
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26500
​Fax:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26069

CV & Publications


​Dr. rer. nat. Kathrin Landgraf

​Research interest:​Adipose tissue development
​Time period:​Since 2009
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26507
​ ​​

​Antje Berthold
Lab assistant

​Background:​Lab technician
​Time period:​Since 1998
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26508 or 26526


Vivien Teßmar

Lab assistant

​Background:​Lab technician
​Time period:​Since 2021
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26508 or 26526

​Dr. med. Robert Stein

Trial physi​cian


​Physician in training

Research interest:

Childhood obesity and its endocrinological / cardiovascular consequences

Time period:

​Since 2018


​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26537



M.Sc. Martha Hanschkow
PhD student

​Background:​Biophysicist and Biochemist
​Research interest:​Adipose tissue development
​Time period:​Since 2018
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26508

Foto_Piotrowski_IMG_2371-Auswahl.jpg     ​
​Dr. rer. biol. hum. Katja Piotrowski

Project coordinator

​Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Research interest:​Obesity and associated complications
​Time period:Since 2022
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26100

Dr. med. Klara Meyer

Trial physician

​Research interest:​Regulators of Obesity 
​Time period:Since 2021
​Telephone:​+49 / (0)341 - 97 26539​
Viktoria.jpgDr. Shengjun​ Hong

Background: ​​  Bioinformatician/Computational                               biologist​

​Research        Biomedical Data Science
interest: ​

​Time period:   Since 2023


MD students

Oscar.jpg​Oscar Karges
MD student

Research interest: Adipose tissue development and Childhood obesity

Paula Boczki
MD student

Research interest: Adipose tissue development


Natascha Dörr
MD student

Research interest: Childhood obesity, Transition Medicine



Johannes Riedel
MD student

Research interest: Childhood obesity, Transition Medicine



Chiara Hammel
MD student

Research interest: Lifetime / Age Dynamics of Fasting Indices​


​Lea Prengemann
MD student

Research interests: Glucose-Insulin Metabolism of SGA Children 

​Falk Bernhard
MD student

Research interest: Regulators of adipocyte differentiation

​Tobias Drechsler
MD student

Research interest: Circadian rhythm-dependent expression of CLOCK genes

​Julia Bielitz
MD student

Research interest: Effect of excercise on circulating adipocytokines in obese children

​Christin Melchior
MD student

Research interest: MC4R genotyping on obese children

​Denis Gutmann
MD student

Research interest: Diurnal alterations of adipocytokines in obesity

Helene Dunzendorfer
MD student

Research interest: Brown adipose tissue development

​Sarah Abdul Majeed
MD student

Research interest: Adipose tissue development


Former group members

​Christian Degen
Finished a clinical Master thesis (April 2012)

​Background:​Sport scientist
​Time period:​March 2011 - March 2012
​Thesis:​Effect of excercise on the cardiovascular system and lung function in obese children

​Dipl. troph. Tina Ullrich
Finished an experimental Diploma thesis (April 2012)

​Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Time period:​November 2010 - March 2011
​​Thesis:​Adipocytokines and endothelial dysfunction in obese children

PhD Daniela Friebe
Finished an experimental PhD thesis (February 2012)

​​Time period:​August 2007 - November 2011
​Thesis:​Adipocytokines and endothelial progenitor cells in obese children

​Dipl. troph. Manon Kraus
Finished a Diploma thesis (May 2008)

​Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Time period:​April 2007 - April 2008
​Thesis:​Excercise, nutrition, and knowledge in obese children

​Dr. rer. nat. Dennis Löffler

​Time period:​2008 - 2015
​Research interest:​The role of microRNA's in adipose tissue development

​Dr. rer. nat. Denise Rockstroh
Finished a PhD thesis (May 2015)

​Time period:​2010 - 2014
​Thesis:​The role of microRNA's in adipose tissue development

M.Sc. Ariane Strobach
Finished a Master thesis (2014)

​Time period:​2013 - 2014
​Thesis:Regulators of adipose tissue development​

Dr. med. Julian Schwartze
Post-Doc and trial physician

​Time period:​2013 - 2015
​Research interest:​Early metabolic and cardiovascular alterations in obese children


​Dipl. troph. Kathrin Scheuermann
Study coordinator

​Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Time period:​2008 - 2018
​Research interest:​Childhood obesity and fatty acid metabolism

​Dr. med. Maria Schlanstein
Post-Doc and trial physician

​Time period:​2016 - 2018
​Research interest:​Adipose tissue development

​Dr. Ph.D. Juraj ​Stanik

​Background:​Pediatric endocrinologist
​Time period:2015 - 2017
​Research interest:Genetic and clinical aspects of obesity

Dr. me​d. Jo Ana Schunter

​Thesis: FOXD3 association with vitiligo and autoimmune endocrinopathies

​​Dr. med. Moritz Schreier

Thesis: The role of osteopontin​ in early
cardivascular ​alterations in obese children
​        ​​​​​Dr. med. Agnes Kalenda

Thesis: The BDNF Val66Met polymorphism is          ​associated with lower BMI, lower postprandial glucose levels and elevated carbohydrate intake in children and adolescents
​Dr. med. Jan Windholz

Thesis: Effects of genetic variants in ADCY5, GIPR, GCKR and VPS13C on early impairment of glucose and insulin metabolism in children​

​Dr. med. Franiska Voigtmann 

Thesis: Identification of a novel leptin receptor (LEPR) variant and proof of functional relevance directing treatment decisions in patients with morbid obesity
​Dr. med. Susanne Behrendt

Thesis: Functional and clinical relevance of novel and known PCSK1 variants for childhood obesity and glucose metabolism

Dipl. troph. Mandy Geserick
PhD student

​Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Research interest:​Vitamin D and bone metabolism
​Time period:​2012 - 2020

​Dipl. troph. Ulrike Spielau
Scientific Researcher

Background:​Nutritional scientist
​Research interest:​Childhood obesity and nutrition
​Time period:​2014 - 2021

​M.Sc. Elena Kempf
PhD student

​Research interest:​Adipose tissue development
​Time period:​2015 - 2021

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Kühnapfel

​Background:​Mathematician (statistician)
​Research interest:​Genetic aspects of obesity
​Time period:​2018 - 2020

Dr. Marco Colombo
Background:    Mathematics and Software development
interest:           Biomedical Data Science​
​Time period:    2021 - 2022

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