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Research groups

Antje Körner Group: Childhood Obesity & Endocrinology

​Our group is interested in the causes and consequences of childhood obesity. Commonly, (childhood) obesity is supposed to result from an imbalance of energy intake and output. But is it really as simple as that? We are interested in questions like: When does obesity in children develop? What favours development of obesity in children? What happens in the adipose tissue itself? What is the connection between excess adipose tissue and the development of comorbidities in children?
We are addressing such questions in our dedicated team of biologists, nutrional scientists, physician scientists, clinical and technical assistants. We combine methods of basic experimental scienctific research along with clinical and genetic studies in children and adolescents.

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Kiess Group: Endocrinology and Metabolism

Our aim is to better understand the pathophysiology of obesity-associated metabolic diseases in children and adolescents with the aim of identifying new targets for treatment. We are focusing on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, impaired glucose tolerance and aberrant adipose tissue growth as a model for ectopic fat accumulation. We conduct basic research on in vitro and in vivo disease models which is translated into the clinic by using well-characterised cohorts of children and adolescents from the LIFE Child project.

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Thome Group: Physiology of Lung Epithelia

​Alveolar fluid clearance from the distal airspaces is mainly driven by vectorial sodium transport, where sodium enters the alveolar epithelial cells through apically located sodium channels (ENaC) and is extruded by basolaterally operating Na,K-ATPases. Hence sodium transport plays a crucial role in the immediate postnatal fluid clearance and the reabsorption of pulmonary edema. Our group aims to analyze new strategies to enhance epithelial sodium transport and thereby improve the morbidity and mortality of pulmonary complications associated with a reduced alveolar fluid clearance.

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Pediatric Epidemiology

​Focus on child health, including environmental and genetic determinants as well as phenotyping of e.g. asthma and allergies, overweight, and behavioural traits. Special interest in breast milk composition and breastfeeding, chronobiology and circadian rhythm, family psychosocial health, and sleep in the family.

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