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Clinical and experimental pediatric endocrinology

​Obesity-related adipocyte dysfunction can be manifested already during childhood. Clinically and experimentally, we are examining the consequences of childhood obesity for the endocrine function of adipose tissue and the impact on the children’s development. Furthermore, we investigate gene variants leading to monogenetic obesity.

Growth dynamics in obese children and obesity-related alterations of the growth hormone axis:

Obese children and adolescents show different dynamics of longitudinal growth compared to normal-weight peers. Since components of the growth hormone axis such as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), the Growth Hormone Receptor (GHR) and Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 3 (IGFBP-3) are expressed in subcutaneous adipose tissue, excess body fat might modify the growth hormone axis. We are assessing the relevance of IGF-1, GHR and IGFBP-3 produced by adipose tissue for the serum levels and examine if changes are associated with alterations in longitudinal growth in normal-weight and obese children.

Involved scientists: Antje Körner, Kathrin Landgraf, Juraj Stanik, Elena Kempf, Tim Vogel

Clinical and functional characterization of LEPR variants in patients with morbid obesity

The leptin - leptin receptor (LEPR) axis is closely related to the central-nervous regulation of satiety and weight gain. Mutations in the LEPR gene are a rare cause for monogenic early-childhood obesity. In this project we aim to analyze the clinical and functional consequences of LEPR variants, which have not been described so far.

Involved scientists: Antje Körner, Kathrin Landgraf, Robert Stein, Franziska Voigtmann

Clinical and functional characterization of a FOXD3 promoter variant in the context of autoimmune diseases.

The Forkhead Box Protein D3 (FOXD3) gene lies within the autoimmunity susceptibility locus (AISL). This locus has repeatidly been implied as a candidate gene locus for vitiligo-associated constellations of autoimmune diseases. In this project we aim to analyze the clinical and functional relevance of a newly-identified variant of the FOXD3 promoter region in the context of vitiligo and autoimmune thyroiditis.

Involved scientists: Antje Körner, Dennis Löffler, Jo Ana Schunter

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