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About University of Leipzig Medical Center

leipzig-university-hospital.jpgEvery year some 400,000 people from Germany and abroad entrust their health to University of Leipzig Medical Center. The hospital's employees – doctors, nursing and administrative personnel along with staff employed by external contractors – assist patients back to health and well-being. University of Leipzig Medical Center is distinguished by the highest standards of quality, its human touch, highly qualified employees, state-of-the-art technology and its outstanding cost-effectiveness. With the exception of cardiac surgery, all areas of medicine are represented.

Providing excellent, high-quality medicine, University of Leipzig Medical Center is one of the just two maximum care hospitals in Saxony. University of Leipzig Medical Center enjoys one of the most advanced structural and technical infrastructures in Europe. Minimally invasive surgery, the computer-assisted planning and performance of operations, unique diagnostic possibilities, the development and application of new types of therapy, and the optimum interdisciplinary networking of the individual specialist disciplines ensure the highest quality of patient care.

Given that support from research and development are part of the core tasks of university medicine, University of Leipzig Medical Center is inseparably linked with the university's Faculty of Medicine. Intensive research is conducted in the various institutes of the hospital and the faculty in the fields of human and dental medicine. The findings are directly put into practice by medical staff.

Executive Board

​Medical Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)​​Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
​​Prof. Dr. Christoph Josten​​Dr. Robert Jacob 


​Lie​bigstraße 18, Haus B
04103 Leipzig
​Grit Thiele
Office manager
​Phone: +49 341 - 97 15903
​Annett Witzmann
​Phone: +49 341 - 97 15900
​Fax:     +49 341 - 97 15909


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