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Liquor marker in psychiatric disorders

​Research staff

PD Dr. P. Schönknecht, E. Arendt, Dr. med. M. Strauß, S. Olbrich, C. Sander, K. Nägler, Prof. Dr. U. Hegerl

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In the last decade several sensitive liquor markers were identified in the psychiatric diagnostic, among other things the group of tau-proteins and the ß-amyloid 1-42 belongs to them.

The diagnostic valence of the mentioned liquor markers in AD was documented in larger multi centric studies. At the moment it is possible to distinguish reversible demential syndroms from irreversible, primary progredient demential disorders. However, a systematic examination of the liquor marker in patients with cognitive deficits is not in progress.

The few examinations about the relation between schizophrenic disorders and markers of neurodegenerative diseases are limited so far mainly to post-mortem-identifications, in which the liquor levels of the mentioned markers are not enough examinated until now. The data record of the differential diagnosis in depressive disorders is comparable with cognitive deficits and a preclinical alzheimer's disease (AD).

Therefore, in the present project the concentration of the liquor markes is to be identified and examinated in terms of important clinical characteristics of the diseases. That are the psychopathology, the neuropsychological capability profile as well as structural and functional cerebral characteristics.

Objective target

  1. In patients with mild cognitive impairment, demential diseases and affective disorders several liquor markers are to be compared systematically and examinated in terms of clinical characteristics and course of disease.
  2. In a subgroup of the mentioned patients the separate markers shall be correlated with morphologic (f.e. MRT) or functional (f.e. EEG, fMRT, PET) cerebral variances.
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