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Prevalence and process of mild cognitive impairments in a longitudinal sample based on population (interdisciplinary longitudinal study in adulthood (ILSE))

​Research staff

PD Dr. P. Schönknecht, Prof. Dr. A. Kruse, Prof. Dr. J. Schröder, Dr. M. Pierer

Cooperation partner

  • Department of Gerontology (University of Heidelberg)
  • Section Geronto-Psychiatry (Psychiatric University Hospital, University Medical Centre Heidelberg)


The mild cognitive impairment describes a syndrome of cognitive deficites that exceed the dimension of physiologic aging process, but without reaching the severity of a dementia. Patients with alzheimer's disease shows typically at first such a longer phase before the manifestation of the demential pathology. So the definition and process of the mild cognitive impairment have a great clinical impact in terms of early diagnosis and therapy of demential diseases. In the actual study 500 participants from the interdisciplinary longitudinal study of adulthood (ILSE) from the birth cohorts 1930 till 1932 in the centres Leipzig and Heidelberg/Mannheim were examinated. In all participants a internal and psychiatric anamnesis and a corporal examination will be performed. During the elaborate neuropsychological testing among other things the following cognitive areas will be detected detailed: learning and memory, alertness and concentration, abstract thinking, language production, visuoconstruction.

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