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​Prenatal diagnosis and treatment

Prenatal diagnosis is offered to expectant parents to provide them with detailed information about the health and development of their unborn child. It mainly takes the form of in-depth ultrasound examinations, but if necessary can also extend to other investigative procedures, such as amniocentesis. The team offering antenatal consultations has ultramodern diagnostic resources at its disposal, and offers empathetic support and advice to the expectant parents.

Specialist consultations during pregnancy

Our specialist outpatient clinic deals with specific issues and problems which might arise during pregnancy. This service complements the routine antenatal care offered by our gynaecologists; if necessary, the pregnancy can be managed jointly by both teams.

Areas in which specialist consultations might be required:

  • Individual birth planning
  • Multiple births
  • Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes / gestational diabetes
  • Vaginal breech births
  • Birth planning for mothers who have previously had a Caesarean section
  • Pregnancy care for hypertensive women
  • Planning specific operations (such as cerclage or total closure of the cervix using the Saling method)
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