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Department of Urology

The Department of Urology at University of Leipzig Medical Center is one of the leading hospitals in the laparoscopic urological surgery („keyhole surgery“).
Increasingly, Robot-assisted surgery using the daVinci system is being employed with keyhole surgery. The daVinci robot is one of the latest developments in the world of surgery.

Robot-assisted Surgery in Urology

In focal therapy, treatment is concentrated only on the tumor bearing regions of the prostate as opposed to the entire prostate in radical treatment. With this approach the adverse side effect profile is expected to be low. The therapeutic philosophy in focal therapy is similar to organ-preserving treatment options in breast and kidney cancers. In these cancers, tumor resection without removal of the entire organ is possible in a significant proportion of the cases. A growing number of scientific publications have demonstrated, that organ-preservation is also possible in selected patients with early stage prostate cancer. With mid-term follow-up, side effects have been shown to be extremely low. 

Focal Therapy in Prostate Cancer


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