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Department of Paediatric Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics

Our department specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and psychosomatic disorders in children and adolescents (0 to 21 years). Our interdisciplinary team is made up of doctors, psychologists, specialist nurses, social education workers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, sports and art therapists, and speech therapists. You will find us on the medical campus in Liebigstrasse.

Our team members understand how difficult it is for children, adolescents and parents to seek professional help for a mental illness. However, we strongly believe that our patients are entitled to the best possible support, regardless of whether they come to see us because of a physical or mental problem or a combination of the two.

Our department can offer a wide range of treatments for all forms of mental and psychosomatic disorder. We will also be there for you in an emergency. Thanks to our different areas of medical expertise and our close links with all fields of paediatric medicine, we have also been able to directly apply our knowledge of innovative research methods to the treatment of mental disturbances in the first years of life, eating disorders in early childhood and adolescence, depression and anxiety disorders, and the after-effects of serious negative life events. In this way, we endeavour to ensure that our patients and their parents benefit directly from the latest clinical findings.

What is often forgotten is that a full diagnosis of a child's mental suffering is essential if they are to receive the most suitable psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment. That is why we set aside a great deal of time to understand all aspects of our patients' physical, emotional and social lives before suggesting targeted treatments tailored to their individual needs. We are no 'Gods in white coats'!

Our treatment can only succeed with the cooperation of the children and adolescents themselves, as well as that of their parents and wider social circle (grandparents, friends and neighbours). We ask everyone involved to work together – children, adolescents and parents alike – because  in our experience, the best way to achieve good health is if everyone collaborates with a common end in view.

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