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Music-based therapy of neurologic patients

Music-based attention control training

​Music-based attention control training with neurologic patients

Contact: Dr. A. Engel (

In this project we aim to establish a neuropsychological, music-based, attentional control, training program for neurological patients that is based on Neurologic music therapy (Michael Thaut). We examine the programs effects on attention, particularly divided attention and interference control, as well as on emotional well-being.

Duration: from 2019 until 2020

Financing: Internal budget

Training with musical feedback

​Transfer effects of rehabilitative fitness training with musical feedback on motoric and cognitive abilities of stroke patients

Contact: Prof. Tom Fritz (, Dr. A. Engel (, Frank Regenbrecht (

The current study investigates the therapeutic use of Jymmin (combination of physical exercise and music production) in the context of neuro-rehabilitation of stroke patients. We will examine the effects of a Jymmin intervention on the patients' cognitive abilities, specifically divergent thinking and working memory capacity.

Duration: 2019 - 2021

Financing: Internal budget, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

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