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Assessment and treatment of fatigue

Fatigue in various neurological diseases

​Fatigue in various neurological diseases

Contact: Dr. med. S. Herzig (, DP K. Grundl (, Dr. A. Engel (

The feeling of severe lack of energy and exhaustion is known, not only to multiple sclerosis patients, but also to patients with stroke, cranio-cerebral traumas, Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, etc. Associated impairments of mental and physical performance lead to significant deterioration of the quality of life and often limit or prevent a career perspective. In this project, the symptoms of fatigue are not only subjectively measured but also objectively correlated with neuropsychological diagnostics and examined with regard to their different etiologies. With the results of the project and the development and establishment of a clinical algorithm we will contribute to the understanding of fatigue in different neurological diseases.

Duration: from 2017 until present

Financing: internal budget

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