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Clinical Neuropsychology

​Group Leader: Dr. Angelika Thöne-Otto


University of Leipzig Medical Center
Clinic for Cognitive Neurology
Liebigstraße 16, 04103 Leipzig

​Phone:​0341 97 24 992
​Fax: ​0341 97 24 989


Research areas / focus

Clinical neuropsychology is the scientific application of cognitive neuroscience. Our mission is to further develop and evaluate the knowledge and methods of fundamental research for the application in assessment and therapy. We want to provide evidence-based tools that allow for personalized therapy, optimized for each individual patient.

Research topics and projects, respectively:

1. Digital Media in neuropsychological therapy
2. Memory / working memory
3. Psychosocial therapies for people with dementia
4. Assessment and treatment of fatigue
5. Neural Basis of musical emotions and rhythm processing
6. Music-based therapy of neurologic patients

Liebigstraße 16, Haus 2
04103 Leipzig
0341 - 97 24980
0341 - 97 24989