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Dear colleagues,

in 2024 the Leipzig School offers its complete curriculum with three intensive, in-depth main courses as face-to-face events with live surgery.

The course on cancer field surgery of vaginal carcinoma, locally advanced and recurrent cervix carcinoma ("Beyond TMMR") is scheduled for March, 18-20, 2024. 

The next courses on total mesometrial resection (TMMR) and therapeutic lymph node dissection (tLND) will be held on August 26–28, 2024 and on vulvar field resection (VFR), anatomical reconstruction and tLND on September 2​4, 2024.

The courses introduce new clinical data and novel oncological and anatomical insights including advancements of the ontogenetic cancer field model of regional tumor progression and on the pathoanatomy of locoregional recurrences. All surgical techniques are demonstrated in the latest version.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Leipzig.​ 

Prof. Dr. Bahriye Aktas                                                 Prof. Dr. Dr. Michael Höckel​

Information concerning the spring course 2024

​"Tempora mutantur et nos mutamus in illis".
The times are changing and we change (our program) within. ​
Ten years ago and earlier we performed 5 - 10 LEER operations per year, during the last 3 years the indication for this megaoperations dropped to 1 - 2 cases per year. Therefore, the availability of a LEER case to be demonstrated at a prefixed date is unlikely at present and in the future. The improved local tumor control of advanced cervicovaginal carcinoma by modern radiotherapeutic techniques and the restriction of surgical treatment to early stage disease rendered isolated postradiation recurrences / secondary carcinomas fixed to the pelvic wall, the classical indication for LEER treatment, as rare events. 
Consequently, we have adapted the courses of the Leipzig School to this clinical reality. The principles and surgical practice of LEER as well as the clinical results with cervicovaginal cancers are still presented. Additional topics of the new C course "Beyond TMMR" are the ontogenetic anatomy beyond the resection borders of TMMR is necessary to exstirpate a tumor that exceeds the preoperatively determined extension with microscopically clear margins. 
The new C course offered to gynecologic surgeons experienced in cancer field surgery for cervicovaginal cancer includes the three educational elements of the Leipzig School: a full-day seminar, post mortem dissection and live surgery. In the anatomy lab a LEER is demonstrated to elucidate the 3D anatomy of the pelvic wall and of the subperitoneal mesotissues of the bladder and the rectum as well as the ontogenetic anatomy of the vagina. If a patient who would benefit from LEERis not available at the time of the course, live surgery will present a TMMR with special reference to the pelvic anatomy beyond the resection borders.
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