Research Projects


The Faculty of Medicine provides excellent conditions for diverse areas of research – basic research as well as clinical research – applying advanced methods and technologies.

Promoting an environment of constructive and creative exchange the Faculty of Medicine is an outstanding research facility – especially for Junior Scientists.

​This page provides an overview of selected research projects with funding of over 500.000 EUR for the Faculty of Medicine.​


German Research Foundation (DFG)

The Faculty of Medicine is currently coordinating its own DFG/collaborative research centre (CRC 1052) and is considerably involved in CRC 1423. In addition to two graduate schools and a Junior Research Group in the Emmy Noether Programme, a Heisenberg professor also conducts research at the Leipzig site.​​

Clinical Studies ​

​MUC-FIRE – A randomized multicenter open-label controlled trial to show that mucous fistula refeeding reduces the time from enterostomy closure to full enteral feeds (MUCous FIstula REfeeding ("MUC-FIRE") trial)​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Martin Lacher 
Project Duration: 2017 – 2022

 – Intensive heart rhythm monitoring to decrease ischemic stroke and systemic embolism
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Rolf Wachter 
Project Duration: 2019 – 2026​


STIM-ADHD – A parallel randomized double-blind sham-controlled multicenter trial of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder​
Project Manager: PD Dr. Maria Strauß
Project Duration: 2021 – 2024

CARP-Studie – Cholangiocarcinoma treatment with radiofrequency ablation or photodynamic therapy 
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. med. Albrecht Hoffmeister
Project Duration: 202​2 – 2027

PeriPREVENT – A contrast sparing strategy using automated Carbon Dioxide Injection during PERIpheral vascular interventions for PREVENTion of Major Adverse Kidney Events (MAKE)
Project Manager: Prof. Sabine Steiner​
Project Duration:​ 2023 – 2026

Clinician Scientist program

MD-LEICS – Modern Diseases LEIpzig Clinician Scientist program MD-LEICS
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Ebert
Project Duration: 2023 – 2026


International funding

Joint Projects with EU-funding over 500.000 Euro​​

imSAVAR – Immune Safety Avatar: nonclinical mimicking of the immune system effects of immunomodulatory therapies 
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler
Project Duration: 2019 – 2025

A-TANGO –​ Novel combinatorial treatment of acute-on-chronic liver failure
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Berg
Project Duration: 2021 – 2026

CREATIC – Central European Advanced Therapy and Immunotherapy Centre
Project Manager:​ Dr. Dr. Maik Friedrich​
Project Duration: 2023 – 2029


European Research Council (ERC)

The following researchers of our faculty are funded with ERC Grants:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Hallermann
ERC Consolidator Grant – PreSynPlast - Molecular mechanisms of presynaptic plasticity
Laufzeit: 2020 – 2025

Prof. Dr. Ruth Stassart
ERC Starting Grant – AxoMyoGlia – Spatio-functional cellular interplay in peripheral nerve diseases
Project Duration: 2021 – 2025 


International ​​Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)

The sponsor CEPI is an innovative global partnership committed to accelerating the development of vaccines against epidemic and pandemic threats.  

Computational Immunogen Design Pipeline​ – ​Establishment of a digital vaccine library using computer-aided vaccine development​
Project Manage​:​ Jun.-Prof. Dr. Clara T. Schoeder
Project Duration: 2023 – 2028 

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Project funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research makes a significant contribution to the research performance of our university. Our currently funded and recently completed projects with a funding amount of over 500,000 EUR are listed below:

​​​NAKOThe German National Cohort:  To address research questions concerning a wide range of possible causes for major chronic diseases ​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler 
Project Duration: 2014 – 2028


SMITH: Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare
Head of the Consortium​:  Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler 
Project Duration: 2016 – 2026

SMITH –​ Junior Research Group Development of a Terminology and Ontology-based Phenotyping Framework
Project Manager: Dr. Alexander Uciteli
Project Duration: 2021– 2024

COMPASS – Comprehensive Surgical Landscape Guidance System for Immersive Assistance in Minimally-invasive and Microscopic Interventions 
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth 
Project Duration: 2018 – 2022

ToSEE – Treatment of Established Status Epilepticus in the Elderly
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Joseph Claßen 
Project Duration: 2018 – 2027

AMIS II – Analyzing pathways from childhood maltreatment to internalizing symptoms and disorders in children and adolescents​​ 
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Kai von Klitzing (em.) / Dr. Lars White
Project Duration: 2019 – 2024

MR-Thrombosis-Theranostic – MR-guided minimally-invasive Diagnosis and Therapy of Thrombosis
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Andreas Melzer
Project Duration: 2019 – 2022

MR-Stent – MR-guided Stent-Implantation
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Andreas Melzer
Project Duration: 2019 – 2022

MPM – Models for Personalized Medicine​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth
Project Duration: 2019 – 2022

MOMENTUM –​ Mobile medical technology for the integrated emergency care and trauma medicine​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth 
Project Duration: 2019 – 2022

ELVIS – Nasal high-flow compared to non-invasive ventilation in treatment of acute acidotic hypercapnic exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. med. Hubert Wirtz
Project Duration: 2020 – 2025

CoRaLa II – Long-term need of ranibizumab injections with or without early targeted peripheral laser photocoagulation for treatment of macular edema due to central retinal vein occlusion
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. med. Matus Rehak 
Project Duration: 2020 – 2024

SUCCEED-F –​ Studie häufiger Umweltexpositionen und Krankheiten im Kindes- und Jugendalter: Machbarkeit
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. med. Antje Körner 
Project Duration: 2020 – 2024

SYMPATH – Systems Medicine of Pneumonia Aggravated Atherosclerosis​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Markus Scholz 
Project Duration: 2020 – 2025

NAMIBIO App – Food Allergy Biomarker Application Consortium​
Project Manager: Prof. Jon Genuneit

Project Duration: 2021 – 2024


DigitalHub DISTANCE – The overarching Use Case of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I): Digital Smart Hub for Advanced Connected Care
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Gernot Marx
Project Duration: 2021 - 2025

3MP-FUS – Neuromodulation in rare neuropsychiatric disorders with focused ultrasound
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Andreas Melzer​
Project Duration: 2022 – 2025

COMPLETE NSTEMI – Complete revascularization versus culprit lesion only PCI in NSTEMI​
Project Manager: Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Holger Thiele
Project Duration: 2022 – 2026​

6G-Health – ​High-performance 6G networking for distributed medical technology
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth 
Project Duration: 2022 – 2025


 – Nanoporous, form-fitting glass monoliths as drug depot systems for targeted drug delivery in dentistry 
Project Manager: PD Dr. rer. nat. Andreas König​ 
Project Duration: 2022 – 2025


INTERPOLAR_MI – The overarching Use Case of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I) (Follow-up project from POLAR_MI): Reducing medication related problems and drug interactions
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler
Project Duration: 2023 – 2026 

​GeMTeX_MI  The overarching Use Case of the Medical Informatics Initiative (MI-I)Automatic indexing of medical texts for research​​  
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Martin Boeker / Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler​ 
Project Duration: 2023 – 2026


LE-REP  Leipzig Reproductive Health Research Center (Leipziger Zentrum für Reproduktionsmedizin)
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Bahriye Aktas
Project Duration:​ 2023 – 2026

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

​KliNet5G – KliNet5G - Clinical Networks via 5G
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth
Project Duration: 2022 – 2025

MediNet – MediNet - Intelligent digital platform for the location- and time-independent medicine of the future
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Thomas Neumuth​
Project Duration: 2022 – 2026

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

LIPSY – Leipziger Individual Placement and Support for people with mental illnesses​
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Steffi G. Riedel-Heller
Project Duration: 2020 – 2025


Saxon State Ministry of Science and Cultural Affairs

​Long Covid – Langzeitfolgen einer SARS-Cov2-Infektion
Project Manager​: Prof. Dr. Markus Löffler/Prof. Dr. Steffi Riedel-Heller
Project Duration​: 2021 – 2025


Foundations such as Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid), Else-Kröner-Fresenius-Foundation or the Volkswagen Foundation make a significant contribution to the promotion of our programs and projects. Our currently funded and recently completed projects with a funding amount of over 200,000 EUR are listed below:

Deutsche Krebshilfe

LUPE – Longitudinal analysis of mental disorders, psychosocial distress and psycho-oncological care needs of patients and their relatives stratified by biopsychosocial factors
Project Manager: Prof. Anja Mehnert-Theuerkauf
Project Duration: 2019 – 2024

Volkswagen Stiftung

Innovative Approaches to Antiviral Drug Development​ –​ Peptide-based crystallographic fragment screening for fast and efficient discovery of lead structures against zoonotic viral diseases
Project Participants: Prof. Jens Meiler, Prof. Norbert Sträter, Prof. Ralf Hoffmann
Project Duration: 2021 – 2024



cAMP nanodomains and hypertension
Project Manager​: Prof. Dr. Andreas Bock
Project Duration: 2022 –​ 2024

​José Carreras Stiftung

Entschlüsselung der extramedullären Myelomerkrankung mittels räumlich aufgelöster Einzelsequenzierung
Project Manager​: Dr. Maximilian Merz / Dr. Kristin Reiche 
Project Duration​: 2023 – 2025