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Medical Professionals


Care at University of Leipzig Medical Center

​Some 1,700 out of roughly 3,700 employees work full-time as nurses or auxiliaries. The clinics, units and institutes of the UKL are grouped together in seven departments, each of which has its own commercial and nursing management teams.

We provide support for the next generation of staff, and enable more than 1,500 young people every year to complete an internship in patient care. At our medical vocational school, more than 150 students qualify each year as health care professionals or (pediatric) nurses. Many of them go on to work at the University of Leipzig Medical Center.

Information for applicants

​Advanced medicine calls for advanced levels of care, and requires the deployment of interdisciplinary teams. At our hospital you will find the ideal conditions for embarking on your career path, obtaining the qualifications you need, or training as a nursing specialist in an environment which offers job security and the opportunity for ongoing career development.

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Your new workplace

​We provide support for our new colleagues as they take the first steps along their career path. The first two days are set aside for induction. You will be given important introductory information about areas such as medical technology, health protection, hygiene and patient documentation.

Other individual training opportunities are also available, such as workshops on the use of the digital hospital information system (KIS).

Induction checklists

We have prepared induction checklists which provide detailed instructions about working in the wards, the operating theatre, or in an auxiliary function. They describe recurring work processes and the special characteristics of individual units, such as how diagnostic or therapeutic procedures are to be conducted. This will enable you to familiarise yourself very quickly with the most important tasks ahead. You will work through the checklist together with a mentor.

You can select from a large number of possible placements at the UKL: in neurosurgery, haematology, the operating theatre, neonatology, gastroenterology, transfusion medicine, paediatrics and much more besides. New recruits can gather experience in a number of different fields, which they can then use to plan their future careers.

Practical experience – essential for nursing staff

​Practical experience is invaluable if one is to carry out specific care techniques, work on one's own initiative, communicate with other professionals, plan treatment goals as part of a team, or bring one's own expertise to challenging and complex situations. We have a policy of recruiting skilled nursing staff with outside experience and expertise. By learning lessons from the experiences they have acquired working outside the hospital, we are able to engage in an ongoing process of improvement and development in-house.

All skilled nursing staff in the inpatient wards and intensive care units at the UKL are given an opportunity to attend basic and advanced courses in kinaesthetics free of charge during their first two years of employment with us. We also ensure that they receive regular mentoring support from specially trained peer tutors for their practical work. In conformity with the recommendations of the German Nursing Council (DPR), our employees are guaranteed at least twenty hours a year paid leave for training purposes. Upon application, we may also bear the costs of the course fees. Our educational centre offers a wide range of opportunities for specialist training.

Information and applications

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