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Facts and Figures

University of Leipzig Medical Center is a maximum-care hospital which offers the entire spectrum of medical care with the exception of heart surgery and pediatric cardiology.

More than 6,000 employees work in patient care, research and teaching for Leipzig University Medicine (UML).

Medical care

​1,451​inpatient and day patient beds
​52,527 ​inpatient and day patient cases (2021)
​305,642​outpatients receiving treatment (2021; incl. MedVZ medical service center)
​ 50,320 ​Patients receiving emergency treatment per annum
 ​7 ​Departments
​35​Operating theatres


Employees of Leipzig University Medicine

  ​5,693  ​Employees at the UKL 
of whom more than 900 are doctors, with ca. 2,000 nurses and auxiliaries
​3,531 ​Students of human medicine and dentistry in the 2019/2020 winter semester 
Each year we welcome 420 new students.
​829 ​Schoolchildren and trainees, incl. under the BaföG scheme (Federal Training Assistance Act)
​1,706​Staff in institutions of the Medical Faculty; including
​868​with third-party funding


Financial figures (2021)

​556 million Euro​turnover (UKL)
54.99  million Euro​in external funding
78.88  million Euro​state subsidy for the Medical Faculty
​  1.248​Case mix index (average degree of severity of cases treated)