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Leipzig University Cancer Center (UCCL)

You are seeking help and advice at the Leipzig University Cancer Center (UCCL)?

Welcome to the Leipzig University Cancer Center. We are a multi-disciplinary team of cancer specialists and experts. Our goal is to deliver optimal treatment to every patient and to make treatment of cancer more successful.

It is in the tradition of Leipzig as an international convention city to be open-minded and open-hearted towards people from all over the world. We are treating patients from our European neighbor countries, especially from Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. We are also referred patients from other parts of Europe and the World.​


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​UCCL Direction

​Telephone​+49 341 - 97 12560
​Fax​+49 341 - 97 12569


Liebigstraße 22, Haus 7
04103 Leipzig
0341 - 97 12560 (Sekretariat)
0341 - 97 17365
0341 - 97 12569