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Department for Hematology, Cell Therapy and Hemostaseology

​​​​​​University of Leipzig Medical Center

Welcome to the University Hospital Leipzig.
Our clinic is composed of the departments of Hematology, Cell Therapy and Hemostaseology.
By bundling these specialties in one clinic, we have established an innovative clinic model at Leipzig University Hospital for the treatment of patients with diseases of the hematopoietic system and blood coagulation disorders.

Our treatment spectrum includes:

  • acute and chronic leukemias
  • benign hematology (ITP, thalassemia, hemolytic anemia, coagulation disorders)
  • Myeloid neoplasia (MDS, AML, mastocytosis, MPN)
  • Lymphoid neoplasia (NHL, Hodgkin lymphoma, CLL, myeloma)
  • Allogeneic and autologous stem cell transplantation
  • CAR-T cell therapy

The physicians and scientists of the Medical Clinic and Polyclinic  - Hematology and Cell Therapy are supported by specialized staff in the field of clinical research. The study unit supervises phase I - IV studies as well as NIS according to AMG, both Investigator Initiated Trials and studies of the researching pharmaceutical companies. The staff is specialized in the different hematological indications.​

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Medical Department for Hematology, Cell Therapy, Hemostaseology and Infectiology

Liebigst. 20 (House 4) und 22 (House 7), Johannisallee 32A (House 9)
04​103 Leipzig
Telephone (office House 7):
0341 - 97 13050
Ambulance (House 9):
0341 - 97 13081
0341 - 97 13059 ​


Liebigstr. 20 (House 4) und 22 (House 7), Johannisallee 32A (House 9)
04103 Leipzig
Phone (Office House 7):
0341 - 97 13050
Ambulance (House 9):
0341 - 97 13081
0341 - 97 13059