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Differentiation of Organs

 Jana Brendler and I are w​​orking on developmental biology issues that receive little attention but are nevertheless of immense importance. Recently, we studied the fine-tissue structure of the intervertebral disc spaces in mice (Brendler et al., 2021). We were able to show that in mice, depending on the spinal column segment, both described endplate forms, "cartilaginous" and "bony", occur. This suggests caution in the selection of the spinal segments when degenerative spinal changes are to be mimicked and studied in mouse models.​


lumbar: cartilaginous                                                                 tail: bony​

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  • ​​Ja​na Brendler, MTA

Selected publicatio​ns

Brendler JWinter K, Lochhead P, Schulz ARicken AM (2021) Histological differences between lumbar and tail intervertebral discs in mice. J Anat. 2021 Aug 24. doi: 10.1111/joa.13540. PMID: 34427936

Schulz ABrendler J, Blaschuk O, Landgraf K, Krueger MRicken AM (2019) Nonpathological chondrogenic features of valve interstitial cells in normal adult zebrafish. J Histochem Cytochem. 67(5):361-373

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