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Clinical Anatomy


Anatomy has dealt with the structure and function of the human body for hundreds of years. Nothing new? – The opposite is true! The ongoing development of operative methods (e.g. keyhole surgery), instruments and implants raise new questions. Animal models have limited utility especially concerning the biomechanics of human dimensions and shapes, such as of joints. A close collaboration between developers, investigators and physicians is crucial. As a research laboratory, the Center for Research on Musculoskeletal Systems (ZESBO) is part of the Department of Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Plastic Surgery at the University of Leipzig. The ZESBO takes care on the acquisition and execution of various biomechanical projects. The focus is on the development of specific test stands for the biomechanical investigation of implants, fracture fixation techniques and implant bone interfaces as well as on the mechanical characterization of bone and soft tissues. Current projects deal with the treatment of osteochondral defects in the knee jointIn by means of a biphasic implant and the development of a new technique treating insufficiency fractures of the sacroiliac joint.

Medical Education Research

Activating methods are used more and more extensively in medical education. Not only theoretical knowledge, but also skills and furthermore ethical attitudes should be conveyed at the beginning of the studies already. This requires new teaching formats (e.g. PBL, skills labs, communication training) and examinations (e.g. OSCE). ​But their adequate implementation requires evaluation and if necessary adaption. For this purpose, qualitative and quantitative methods of medical education research are available. Current research involves the impact of digital teaching as a consequence of the Corona situation. Three doctoral candidates work on specific topics. 

​​Image of a smiling woman with blonde hair ​PD Dr. Sabine Löffler, MME


Phone: ​​+49 341 - 97 22083




​Dr. rer. med. Stefan Schleifenbaum

ZESBO-Center for Research on ​Musculoskeletal Systems
Department of Orthopedics, Traumatology and Plastic Surgery

University of Leipzig Medical Center

Semmelweisstraße 14
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 - 97 23230

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Prof. Dr. Niels Hammer
University Professor, Chair
Macroscopic and Clinical Anatomy

Gottfried Schatz Research Center

Medical University of Graz
Auenbruggerplatz 25​
8010 Graz, Austria

Phone: + 43 316 385 71100

Selected publications

Möbius R, Schleifenbaum S, Grunert R, Löffler S, Werner M, Prietzel T, Hammer N. A pilot trial comparing the tear-out behavior in screw-sockets and cemented polyethylene acetabular components - a cadaveric study. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res. 2016 Oct;102(6):723-8. doi: 10.1016/j.otsr.2016.06.007. Epub 2016 Jul 28.

Theopold N, Weihs K, Löffler S, Marquass B, v. Dercks N, Josten C, Hepp P: Image-free navigated coracoclavicular joint dislocation: a cadaver study. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 135(2015)1077-1082

Hammer N, Hirschfeld U, Strunz H, Werner M, Wolfskämpf TLöffler S. Can the Diagnostics of Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Lesions Be Improved by MRI-Based Soft-Tissue Reconstruction? An Imaging-Based Workup and Case Presentation. BioMed Research International 7(2017) Article ID 5870875, doi:10.1155/2017/5870875.

Hammer N, Hepp P, Löffler S, Schleifenbaum S, Steinke H, Klima S: Teaching surgical exposures to undergraduate medical students: an integration concept for anatomical and surgical education. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg 135(2015)795-803

Löffler SFeja C, Schröder T: What do students perceive as fair oral examinations in the field of anatomy? J Contemp Med E​​duc 1(2013), 11​9-125

Kranz A, Bechmann IFeja C, Kohlhaw KR, Bürkigt T, Lippross L, Dietze N, Löffler S. Implementation of clinical references for undergraduates in anatomy. Ann Anat. 210(2017), 164-169​​


Liebigstraße 13, House A
04103 Leipzig
+49 341 - 97 22000