About us

The Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry in the Faculty of Medicine is divided into the Chairs of General Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry and Signal Transduction. The Institute conducts curricular teaching in the preclinical subject of biochemistry for student of medicine and dentistry with main lectures, seminars, practical courses, and elective subjects.

The Institute is firmly integrated into three of the four bioscience profile areas. The main focus of the research work is cellular signal transduction with emphasis on G-protein-coupled receptors, mechanoceptive, and synaptic signal transduction as well as the evolutionary adaptation of signal transduction components. The structure and function of enzymes of glycolysis are also analysed. The research groups cooperate nationwide in third-party funded projects (e.g. the Collaborative Research Centres SFB1052 and SFB1423). There is close international cooperation with Vanderbilt University as well as with numerous groups in Sweden, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Israel, and the US. ​

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