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Dr. med. habil. Stefan Priebe, Dipl.-Psych., FRCPsych

​Research focus

  • Studies on how social interactions can be used to overcome mental distress; this includes Concepts and methods of interventions that utilize existing resources in routine patient-clinician meetings, families and communities
  • The development and testing of novel psycho-social interventions
  • The evaluation of health care services

Official position

Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry


Queen Mary, University of London

Business address

Newham Centre for Mental Health
London E13 8SP

Academic education and degrees

1973 - 1978

Diploma in Psychology, University of Hamburg

1974 - 1980

Medicine, University of Hamburg


Dr. med., University of Hamburg

1981 - 1989

Qualification as Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Medical Chamber Berlin


'Habilitation' in Psychiatry, Free University Berlin


​Extraordinary Professor for Psychiatry, Free University Berlin


Professional career


Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Neurology, University of Hamburg

1982 - 1983

Trainee in Psychiatry and Neurology, Albertinen Hospital Hamburg

1983 - 1988

Clinical Research Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Free University Berlin

1988 - 1991

Deputy Head, Department of Social Psychiatry, Free University Berlin

1991 - 1997

Acting Head, Department of Social Psychiatry, Free University Berlin

1997 - present

Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary, University of London, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, East London NHS Foundation Trust

2000 - 2015

Non-Executive Director, East London NHS Foundation Trust


Honors, awards and positions

1974 - 1980

Stipend by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

1991 - 1997

Chair of 'Platane 19' (voluntary organisation for the re-integration of people with mental illnesses)

1995 - present

Formal advisory roles for national and regional governments in Austria, Germany, Italy, Malta and the United Kingdom

1997 - 2018

Director for Research and Development, East London NHS Foundation Trust

2000 - 2006

Member of the National Mental Health Task Force in the United Kingdom

2000 - 2002

Visiting Professor, Freie Universität Berlin


Hermann-Simon-Prize for Social Psychiatry awarded by the German Society for Psychiatry

2002 - 2005

Chair of 'Virtuall' (voluntary organisation for a London Mental Health Learning Partnership)

2003 - 2013

Visiting Professor at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

2004 - present

Visiting Professor at the University of Belgrade


'Arie Querido' Professorship, awarded by the Medical Faculty of the University of Amsterdam and six mental health charities in The Netherlands

2008 - 2018

Deputy Director oft he registered Pragmatic Clinical Trial Unit, Queen Mary, University of London

2012 - present

Director of WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Service Development

2016 - 2018

Visiting Professor at the University of Verona

2017 - present

Director of NIHR Global Health Research Unit for Developing Psycho-Social Interventions

​2018 - present

Research Director of the Institute for Population Health Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London​


8 most important peer-reviewed papers (8 out of 472, Scopus h-index: 71)

  1. Priebe S, Katsakou C, Glöckner M, Dembinskas A, Fiorillo A et al. Patients' views of involuntary hospital admission in 1 and 3 months: prospective study in 11 European Countries (EUNOMIA). British Journal of Psychiatry. 2010;196:179-185.

  2. Priebe S, Bogic M, Ashcroft R, Frančišković T, Galeazzi GM et al. Experience of human rights violations and subsequent mental disorders – A study following the war in the Balkans. Social Science and Medicine. 2010;71:2170-2177.

  3. Priebe S, Barnicot K, McCabe R, Kiejna A, Nawka et al. Patients' subjective initial response and the outcome of inpatient and day hospital treatment.  European Psychiatry. 2011:26:408-413.

  4. Priebe S, McCabe R, Schützwohl M, Kiejna A, Nawka P et al. Patient characteristics predicting better treatment outcomes in day hospitals compared with inpatient wards.  Psychiatric Services. 2011;62:278-284.

  5. Giacco D, Amering A, Bird V, Craig T, Ducci G … Priebe S. Scenarios for the future of mental health care: a social perspective.  Lancet Psychiatry. 2016;4:257-260.

  6. Bird VJ, Giacco P, Nicaise P, Pfennig A, Lasalvia A … Priebe S. In-patient treatment in functional and sectorised care: patient satisfaction and length of stay.  British Journal of Psychiatry. 2018;212:81-87.

  7. Giacco D, Bird VJ, Ahmad T, Bauer M, Lasalvia A … Priebe S. The same or different psychiatrists for in- and out-patient treatment? A multi-country natural experiment. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. 2018;29:1-9.

  8. Bird V, Miglietta E, Giacco D, Bauer M, Greenberg L … Priebe S. Factors associated with satisfaction of inpatient psychiatric care: a cross country comparison. Psychological Medicine. 2019;1-9.

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