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Prof. Kai von Klitzing, MD, PhD, Professor of Child and Adolesence Psychiatry

Research focus

  • developmental psychopathology
  • psychosocial and biological factors of childhood depression
  • attachment disorders
  • psychotherapy
  • long term consequences of childhood maltreatment

Official position

Chair, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Department of Paediatric Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Leipzig Medical Center

Business address

Liebigstr. 20a
04103 Leipzig

Academic education and degrees

1974 - 1980

​Medical School, University of Freiburg i.Br, Germany, MD

​1981 - 1987

Residencies in Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics in Ravensburg (University of Ulm), and Lörrach


​Postdoctoral lecture qualification (venia legendi) in Child and Adolesent Psychiatry, University of Basel, Schwitzerland


Professional career

1988 - 1997

Senior physician, Children’s Hospital, University of Basel, Switzerland

1997 - 1998

Research Fellow University of Colorado Medical Health Sciences Center, Denver, Co, USA

1999 - 2006

Professor and Chief Medical Doctor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Basel, Switzerland

2006 - present

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Chair Department of Paediatric Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, University of Leipzig Medical Center 

​2020 - present

Visiting Professor, Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy


Honors, awards and positions


August Homburger Price for outstanding research in Child Psychiatry

2012 - 2020

President of the World Association for Infant Mental Health

2008 - present

Member of the German Advisory Council on Psychotherapy


Current journal editorial position

2006 - present

Infant Mental Health Journal


Kinderanalyse (Child Analysis)


10 most important peer-reviewed papers (10 out of 210, Scopus h-index: 25) 

  1. Sierau, Susan; Warmingham, Jennifer; White, Lars O.; Klein, Annette M.; von Klitzing, K. (2020): Childhood Emotional and Conduct Problems in Childhood and Adolescence Differentially Associated with Intergenerational Maltreatment Continuity and Parental Internalizing Symptoms. In: J Abnorm Child Psychol 48 (1), 29-42.

  2. Klein AM, Schlesier-Michel A, Otto Y, White LO, Andreas A, Sierau S, Bergmann S, Perren S, von Klitzing K (2019). Latent trajectories of internalizing symptoms from preschool to school age: A multi-informant study in a high-risk sample. Dev Psychopathol,31, 657-681.

  3. von Klitzing, K., Döhnert, M., Kroll, M., & Grube, M. (2015). Mental Disorders in Early Childhood. Deutsches Ärzteblatt international, 112(21-22), 375–386.

  4. von Klitzing, K., White, L. O., Otto, Y., Fuchs, S., Egger, H. L., & Klein, A. M. (2014). Depressive comorbidity in preschool anxiety disorder. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, and Allied Disciplines. 55(10), 1107-1116.

  5. Göttken, T., White, L. O., Klein, A. M., von Klitzing, K. (2014). Short-Term Psychoanalytic Child Therapy for Anxious Children. Psychotherapy, 51 (1), 148-158.

  6. von Klitzing, K., Perren, S., Klein, A. M., Stadelmann, S., White, L. O., Groeben, M., et al. (2012). The interaction of social risk factors and HPA axis dysregulation in predicting emotional symptoms of five- and six-year-old children. J Psychiatr Res, 46(3), 290-297

  7. Groeben, M., Perren, S., Stadelmann, S., & von Klitzing, K. (2011). Emotional symptoms from kindergarten to middle childhood: Associations with self-and other-oriented social skills. European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 20(1), 3-15.

  8. von Klitzing, K., Stadelmann, S., & Perren, S. (2007). Story stem narratives of clinical and normal kindergarten children: Are content and performance associated with children's social competence? Attachment & Human Development, 9, 271-286

  9. Stadelmann, S., Perren, S., von Wyl, A., & von Klitzing, K. (2007): Associations between family relationships and symptoms/strengths at kindergarten age: What is the role of children's parental representations? Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 48, 996-1004.

  10. von Klitzing, K., Kelsay, K., Emde, R., Robinson, J. A., Schmitz, S. (2000). Gender specific characteristics of five-year-olds’ play narratives and associations with behavior ratings. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 39, 1017-1023

 Foto: Kai von Klitzing

Semmelweisstraße 10, Haus 13
04103 Leipzig
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