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Schomerus, Georg, MD, Professor of Psychiatry

Research focus

  • Population attitudes towards persons with mental illness and substance use disorders
  • Mental health literacy, stigma of mental illness, time-trends of attitudes
  • Public mental health
  • Mental health services research
  • Psychiatric epidemiology
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Official position

Professor and Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Leipzig


Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Leipzig Medical Center (ULMC), Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig

Business address

Semmelweistraße 10, Haus 13
04103 Leipzig

Academic education and degrees

1994 - 2002

Medical School, Universities of Freiburg and Hannover

1997 - 1998

Medical School, clinical internship, King’s College, London


Board Certification in Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Postdoctoral lecture qualification (venia legendi), University of Greifswald


Professional career


Assistant Professor, University of Greifswald


Visiting Researcher, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London

2014 -2016

Head of Community Psychiatry and Outpatient Treatment Centre, Department of Psychiatry, University of Greifswald

2016 - 2019

Vice-chairman, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Greifswald


Honors, awards and positions


Invitee by the German Federal Chancellor for the 3rd International GermanForum on global health and innovation, Berlin


Chairman​​​ DGPPN Committee on Public Mental Health


Deputy Chairman, Institute for Social Psychiatry Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 


DGPPN State Representative for Saxony


Co-Speaker, Section on Public Mental Health, GermanSociety for Public Health


Scientific Advisor; “Initiative for Mental Health”, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs


​Chairman “Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.(“Madly Human”, international NGO focused on mental health promotion, youth, social inclusion, prevention and participatory approach)


​Ulrike-Fritze-Lindenthal Anti-Stigma Award


DGPPN PhD-Award 2020 together with Dr. Susanne Stolzenburg


Current Journal Editorial positions 

Since 2015​

Stigma and health

​Since 2015

Psychiatrische Praxis​

Since 2018​

Scientific Advisory Board, Psychiatrie Verlag


10 most important peer-reviewed papers (10 out of 175, Scopus h-index: 30)

  1. Angermeyer MC, van der Auwera S, Carta MG, Schomerus G (2017). Public attitudes towards psychiatry and psychiatric treatment at the beginning of the 21st century: a systematic review and meta-analysis of population surveys. World Psychiatry; 16(1):50-61. (IF: 40.595).

  2. Schomerus G, Stolzenburg S, Angermeyer MC (2015) Impact of the Germanwings plane crash on mental illness stigma: results from two population surveys in Germany before and after the incident. World Psychiatry; 14:362-3. (Research Letter, IF: 40.595)

  3. Schomerus G, Schwahn C, Holzinger A, Corrigan PW, Grabe HJ, Carta MG, Angermeyer MC (2012). Evolution of public attitudes about mental illness: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Acta Psychiatr Scand; 125(6):440-452. (ca. 800 citations, IF: 5.362,)

  4. ​Giacco D, Amering M, Bird V, Craig T, Ducci G, Gallinat J, Gillard SG, Greacen T, Hadridge P, Johnson S, Jovanovic N, Laugharne R, Morgan C, Muijen M, Schomerus G, Zinkler M, Wessely S, Priebe S (2017). Scenarios for the future of mental health care: a social perspective. Lancet Psychiatry; 4(3):257-260. (IF 16.209)

  5. Angermeyer M.C., Matschinger H., Schomerus G. (2013). Attitudes towards psychiatric treatment and people with mental illness: changes over two decades. Br J Psychiatry 203,146-51. (IF: 7.233).

  6. Schomerus G, Van der Auwera S, Matschinger H, Baumeister SE, Angermeyer MC (2015). Do attitudes towards persons with mental illness worsen during the course of life? An age-period-cohort analysis. Acta Psychiatr Scand; 132:357-64.

  7. Schomerus G, Stolzenburg S, Freitag S, Speerforck S, Janowitz D, Evans-Lacko S, Muehlan H, Schmidt S (2019). Stigma as a barrier to recognizing personal mental illness and seeking help: a prospective study among untreated persons with mental illness. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci; 269:469-479.

  8. Schomerus G, Lucht M, Holzinger A, Matschinger H, Carta MG, Angermeyer MC (2011). The stigma of alcohol dependence compared with other mental disorders: a review of population studies. Alcohol Alcohol; 46:105-112.

  9. Schomerus G, Angermeyer MC, Baumeister SE, Stolzenburg S, Link BG, Phelan JC (2016). An online intervention using information on the mental health-mental illness continuum to reduce stigma. Eur Psychiatry; 32:21-7.

  10. Schomerus G, Matschinger H, Angermeyer MC (2014). Causal beliefs of the public and social acceptance of persons with mental illness: a comparative analysis of schizophrenia, depression and alcohol dependence. Psychol Med; 44:303-14.​

Foto: Stefan Straube

Semmelweisstraße 10, Haus 13
04103 Leipzig
0341 - 97 24539