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Prizes & Awards


Deborah Kreher
1st place poster presentation, DGZ-Oral-B-Award, Quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) for the assessment of different demineralization states on root surfaces, 36. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Dental Conservation (DGZ) in Würzburg, September 23, 2022

Jana Schmidt
2nd place poster presentation, DGZ-Oral-B-Award, Relationship between socioeconomic status, health behavior and caries experience of 10- to 18-year-old adolescents, 36. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Dental Conservation (DGZ) in Würzburg, September 23, 2022

Ellen Schulz-Kornas
1st place oral presentation, DGZ-Oral-B-Award, 3D surface texture analysis (3DST) - a new method in dentistry and possible applications for clinical investigations, 36. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Dental Conservation (DGZ) in Würzburg, September 23, 2022

Dennis Palsa
2nd place oral presentation, Young Scientist in Dentistry Award, Comparison of the adhesive bond of CAD/CAM partial crowns made of lithium-disilicate ceramic and nanohybrid composite using OCT in vitro, Symposium Young Scientists in Dentistry, Leipzig, May 4th-5th 2022



Nadia Challakh
DGR²Z-GC-Grant, Influence of the proximal box elevation on the quality of the bonding performance of CAD/CAM manufactured partial crowns of ceramic and composite materials analyzed by optical coherence tomography, German Society of Restorative and Regenerative Dentistry (DGR²Z), 35. Annual Meeting of the German Society of Restorative Dentistry (DGZ) in Göttingen, November 18-20, 2021​

Wanchen Ning, Aneesha Acharya, Zhengyang Sun, Anthony C. Ogbuehi, Cong Li, Shiting Hua, Qianhua Ou, Muhui Zeng, Xiangqiong Liu, Yupei Deng, Rainer Haak, Dirk Ziebolz, Gerhard Schmalz, George Pelekos, Yang Wang, Xianda Hu
1st place DGParo/meridol®-Prize in the category fundamental research, publication: Deep Learning Reveals Key Immunosuppression Genes and Distinct Immunotypes in Periodontitis. Frontiers in Genetics 12:648329, July 26, 2021



Schmalz Gerhard, Wolf C, Schröter U, Ziebolz Dirk
3rd place Prevention Prize in the category ideas in dental prevention during pregnancy, with the project: "An interdisciplinary dental care concept for expectant mothers of Southwest Saxony, The initiative of the oral-healthy future in Germany, Federal Dental Association and CP Gaba GmbH, March 31, 2021


Gerhard Schmalz, Dirk Ziebolz
Lilly Quality of Life Prize, Psycho-social aspects in dental care of patients with chronical diseases – implications of oral-health related life quality based on application oft he oral health impact profile G14 (OHIP-G14). Foundation Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Bad Homburg, Nov 22nd 2019

Sven Rinke, Tim Hausdörfer, Andreas Leha, Dirk Ziebolz
Research Award, publication: Clinical evaluation of chairside-fabricated partial crowns made of zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic – 2 year results. The European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry 28 (1); Arbeitsgemeinschaft Keramik in der Zahnheilkunde e.V., Hamburg Nov 30th 2019

Rilana Busjan
PhD Award of the Friedrich Louis Hesse Society, University of Leipzig, Oral health status in adult patients with newly diagnosed acute leukemia, Leipzig, Nov 16th 2019

Nadia Challakh, Jana Schmidt, Antonia Steuber, Annette Wiegand, Katrin Bekes, Felix Krause, Rainer Haak, Dirk Ziebolz
Poster Award, Risk factors for caries and dental treatments for children in therapy using general anaesthesia. 32nd Annual Meeting DGZ/25th Annual Meeting DGKiZ, Dortmund 2018 (awarded in Vienna, 2019).

Simin Li, Xiangqiong Liu, Yu Zhou, Aneesha Acharya, Vuk Savkovic, Congling Xu, Ning Wu, Yupei Deng, Xianda Hu, Hanluo Li, Rainer Haak, Jana Schmidt, Wei Shang, Hongying Pan, Ren Shang, Yang Yu, Dirk Ziebolz, Gerhard Schmalz
2nd place, DGParo/meridol®-Prize in the category fundamental research, publication: Shared genetic and epigenetic mechanisms between chronic periodontitis and oral squamous cell carcinoma. Oral Oncology 86:216-224. Regensburg.

Julia Siegner
1st place Young-Scientist in Dentistry, Ceramic/composite/tooth compound failure depending on finish design and veneer thickness – an OCT evaluation, 15th Symposium Young Scientists in Dentistry. Halle (Saale), Mar 17th-18th 2019

Sven Rinke, Dirk Ziebolz
Research Award of the Dentists' Accociation of Lower Saxony 2019, Clinical performance of chairside-produced partial crowns made of circonia enhanced lithium silicates ceramics depending reduced material thickness and fastening technology. Hannover, Feb 7th 2019



Katharina Kiehl
1st place Young-Scientist in Dentistry, Influence of once-only instructions on the effectiveness of manual and electric tooth brushing in oral-healthy young adults, 14th Symposium Young-Scientist in Dentistry. Leipzig, May 4th-5th 2018

Hartmut Schneider, Conny Köhler, Claudia Rüger, Matthias Häfer, Rainer Haak, Stephan Kaltenbach, Bernd Piernitzki, Dirk Theisen-Kunde, Moritz Moltmann, Martin Ahrens, Josua Rehra, Gereon Hüttmann
1st place Dental Innovation Award in the category Innovative Idea/Invention, Intraoral OCT probe, instrumental development and construction, Foundation Innovative Dentistry, German Society for Restorative Dentistry, Hamburg.

Dirk Ziebolz, Carolin Jahn, Julia Pegel, Elske Semper-Pinnecke, Rainer F. Mausberg, Regina Waldmann-Beushausen, Friedrich A. Schöndube, Bernd C. Danner
1st place DGParo/meridol®-Award in the category fundamental research, publication: Periodontal bacteria DNA findings in human cardiac tissue – Is there a link of periodontitis to heart valve disease? International Journal of Cardiology 15(251):74-79.

Elena Günther, Dirk Ziebolz
1st place DGZMK-BZÄK Sirona-Dentsply Advancement Prize 2018, Detection and evaluation of root caries using quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF), 32nd DGZMK-BZÄK, Frankfurt am Main, Nov 10th 2018

Gerhard Schmalz, Klaus-Jürgen Fischer, Dirk Ziebolz
2nd place Medical and Dental Prevention Prize – Prevention connects, Detection of (pre-) diabetes within a prevention-oriented periodontal therapy concept of dental practice using an adapted questionnaire-based screening, Intiative for an oral healthy future in Germany– BZÄK-CPGaba, Berlin

Gerhard Schmalz, Marit Dietl, Franz M. Rasche, Dirk Ziebolz
1st place Wrigley Prophylaxis Prize 2018, Influence of oral health and dialysis duration on the oral healt related life quality of patients in hemodialysis, 25th Annual Meeting DGKiZ, 32nd Annual Meeting DGZ within DGPZM, 3rd Annual Meeting AG ZMB, Dortmund, Sep 27th-29th 2018



Kyung-Jin Park
Erwin-Reichenbach Advancement Prize 2017, Evaluation of ICDAS II to detect caries lesions using optical coherence tomography, Dentists' Accociation Saxony-Anhalt, 25th Dentists' Conference, Magdeburg, Jan 27th 2018

Marcus Hähnel
3rd place Young-Scientist in Dentistry 2017, Clinical assessment of an universal adhesive using optical coherence tomography, 13th Young-Scientist in Dentistry-Symposium, Dresden, May 5th 2017

Jan Schmickler, Annegret Rupprecht, Susann Patschan, Daniel Patschan, Gerhard A. Müller, Rainer Haak, Rainer F. Mausberg, Gerhard Schmalz, Tanja Kottmann, Dirk Ziebolz
1st place DGParo/meridol®-Prize in the category clinical studies, publication: Cross-sectional evaluation of periodontal status, microbiological and rheumatoid parameters in a large cohort of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Journal of Periodontology 88(4):364-379.

Dirk Ziebolz, Gerhard Schmalz, Daniel Gollasch, Peter Eickholz, Sven Rinke
DGParo Implantat Research Award 2017 (founded by Nobel Biocare), publication: Microbiological and aMMP-8 findings depending on peri-implant disease in patients undergoing supportive implant therapy. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 88(1):47-52.

Sven Rinke, Dirk Ziebolz
Research Award of the Consortium Ceramics 2017, Clinical performance of extended ceramic veneers after an observation period of 7 years. Hamburg, Sept 15th 2017

Felix Krause, Rainer Haak
1st place Dental Education Prize 2017, The impact of expert – and peer feedback on communications skills of undergraduate dental students – a single-blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Dental and Oral Medicine, Frankfurt am Main, Nov 10th-11th 2017



Gerhard Schmalz
2nd place Young-Scientist in Dentistry 2016, Oral health related life quality of patients on hemodialysis and kidney transplant. Halle (Saale), Jun 8th 2016

Bettina Hanßen
3rd place VOCO Dental Challenge 2016, Clinical validation of class V composite fillings using quantitative margin analysis. Cuxhaven, Sep 29th 2016

Kyung-Jin Park
3rd place Carl-Zeise PhD Prize 2016 of the Research Commission of the Medical Faculty, University of Leipzig, Noninvasive Assessment of the tooth-restoration interface with an experimental self-adhering composite by swept source optical coherence tomography, Leipzig, Oct 25th .2016



Gerhard Schmalz
3rd place VOCO Dental Challenge 2015, Dentin protection using light and chemically hardened-varnishes for desensitization under load, Cuxhaven, Oct 05 2015

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