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Analysis and Reporting System for the Improvement of Patient Safety through Real-Time Integration of Laboratory Findings (AMPEL)


AMPEL is a collaborative project by the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnostics of Leipzig University of Medicine, the Muldental Clinics, and Xantas AG.

The aim of this project in the field of digital laboratory medicine is to create a solution which significantly improves clinical care through the intelligent integration of laboratory diagnostics with patient-related clinical information. In compliance with official guidelines, the system provides specific diagnostic support to medical practitioners.

More than eighty percent of all doctors are aware that serious errors occur on a regular basis as a result of laboratory results being overlooked. But until now there has, in most cases, been a lack of suitable quality assurance in terms of whether the appropriate consequences for medical care are being drawn from laboratory diagnostics. 

The software to be developed will incorporate a multi-stage reporting system which is activated if there are indications of any delay in conducting essential medical procedures. By triggering an alert in the patient information system and initiating the dialogue between the laboratory physician and the respective medical practitioner. This will allow the necessary steps to be taken without delay; at real-time, the doctor will be given access to all of the information required for an adequate further treatment.​

You can find more information on the website of AMPEL.

Our staff

Head of the working group:

PD Dr. med. Thorsten Kaiser


Dr. med. Felix Eckelt
Martin Federbusch
Dr. med. Christiane Gärtner
​Dr. med. David Kotzerke
Dr. med. Lara Heuft
Dr. med. Sebastian Gibb
Maria Schmidt
Paul Ahrens
Dr. rer. nat. Maria Walter Costa
Dr. rer. nat. Mark Wernsdorfer

Dr. rer. nat. Jenny Voigt​​


Thea Kister
Tom Sicker

Sebastian Wegener

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