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Analysis and Reporting System for the Improvement of Patient Safety through Real-Time Integration of Laboratory Findings (AMPEL)

The AMPEL-CDSS operates a clinical decision support system in routine care and is continuously researching its application. We focus on increased patient safety and improved diagnostics by harnessing the potential of digital medicine.


Through the AMPEL-CDSS, medical decision-makers are supported in their work to provide patient care through improved availability and automatic prioritisation of medical information.

The core element of the project is the reporting system, which alerts within seconds if there are indications of acute clinical patterns and delays in further diagnosis and treatment. The basis for this is a complex data combination of laboratory medical results and data from the hospital information system.

Starting in 2020, the software was activated at three hospitals. In addition to the tertiary care center, Leipzig University Hospital, two standard care hospitals, the Muldentalkliniken in Grimma and Wurzen, and thus a total of more than 1500 beds are connected to the AMPEL-CDSS. Thanks to the randomized implementation, important scientific evidence on the benefits of clinical decision support systems (CDSS) can be collected.

You can find more information on AMPEL‘s blog​ or homepage.

Our staff

Martin Federbusch
Head of the working group

Telefon: 0341 - 97 22463

Felix Eckelt

Telefon: 0341 - 97 22489
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Maria Schmidt

Telefon: 0341 - 97 11342
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Daniel Steinbach

Telefon: 0341 97 11343
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Affiliated scientists​Christiane Gärtner
David Kotzerke
Jenny Voigt
Lara Heuft
Maria Walter Costa
Mark Wernsdorfer
Paul Ahrens
Sebastian Gibb
Sebastian Wegener
Thea Kister
Thorsten Kaiser
Tom Sicker
Toralf Kirsten


Five most representative publications

Tom Sicker; Martin Federbusch; Berend Isermann; Wiebke Fenske; Charlotte Fries; Maria Schmidt; Thorsten Kaiser (2023): Challenge in hyponatremic patients – The potential of a laboratory-based decision support system for hyponatremia to improve patient's safety. In: Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine 61.


Paul C. Ahrens; Daniel Steinbach; Maria Schmidt; Martin Federbusch; Lara Heuft; Christoph Lübbert; Matthias Nauck; Matthias Gründling; Berend Isermann; Sebastian Gibb; Thorsten Kaiser (2022): Applying Machine Learning to Blood Count Data Predicts Sepsis with ICU Admission. In: medRxiv.


Thea Sophie Kister; Johannes Remmler; Maria Schmidt; Martin Federbusch; Felix Eckelt; Berend Isermann; Heike Richter; Markus Wehner; Uwe Krause; Jan Halbritter; Carina Cundius; Markus Voigt; Alexander Kehrer; Jörg Michael Telle; Thorsten Kaiser (2021): Acute kidney injury and its progression in hospitalized patients-Results from a retrospective multicentre cohort study with a digital decision support system. In: PloS one 16 (7).


Maria Beatriz Walter Costa; Mark Wernsdorfer; Alexander Kehrer; Markus Voigt; Carina Cundius; Martin Federbusch; Felix Eckelt; Johannes Remmler; Maria Schmidt; Sarah Pehnke; Christiane Gärtner; Markus Wehner; Berend Isermann; Heike Richter; Jörg Telle; Thorsten Kaiser (2021): The Clinical Decision Support System AMPEL for Laboratory Diagnostics: Implementation and Technical Evaluation. In: JMIR Medical Informatics 9 (6).


Felix Eckelt; Johannes Remmler; Thea Sophie Kister; Mark Wernsdorfer; Heike Richter; Martin Federbusch; Michael Adler; Alexander Kehrer; Markus Voigt; Carina Cundius; Jörg Telle; Joachim Thiery; Thorsten Kaiser (2020): Verbesserte Patientensicherheit durch „clinical decision support systems" in der Labormedizin. In: Der Internist 61 (5), S. 452–459.


More publications can be found on AMPEL's blog or homepage.

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