Investigation of genetic polymorphisms relevant to EEG vigilance regulation

08.10.2012, 15:00-17:00 Uhr - Kolloquium
"Investigation of genetic polymorphisms relevant to EEG vigilance regulation" und "Effects of susceptibility genes for major depression on automatic emotion processing in clinical depression: An imaging genetics study"
Leipziger Forschungszentrum für Zivilisationserkrankungen

Carriers of the short variant of the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR), compared to homozygotes of the long version, are more vulnerable for developing a depressive episode in context of stressful life events. However, it is unknown by what mechanisms depression-related genes enhances the risk for the disease. Depressed individuals differ from nondepressed persons in their processing of emotional material. These mood congruent cognitive biases play a crucial role in developing and maintaining affective disorders. In our planned study we use functional resonance imaging to compare 5-HTTLPR short-allele carriers with homozygous long-allele carriers regarding their automatic processing of emotionally salient material. Therefore 80 patients diagnosed with Major depressive Disorder will be recruited to investigate influences of functional polymorphisms on cerebral information processing and their associations with symptoms and illness severity.



  • Anna Schmidt (LIFE-Forschungszentrum)
  • Vivien Günther (LIFE-Forschungszentrum)


  • Dr. Matthias Nüchter