21.06.2010, 16:00 Uhr - Vortrag
Isoforms regulate cell cycle progression in neocortical astroglial cells

Of the 3 classes of phosphoinositide-3-kinases, isoforms of class I are involved in cell cycle regulation. Therefore, these kinases are considered as targets of novel cytostatic agents. Cultured neocortical astroglial cells express the isoforms p110 and p110 of class Ia. Recent evidence obtained with transgenic mice suggests that p100 may serve as scaffold protein independent of its catalytic domain. Based on these previous findings, the seminar will address the following questions: 1) Are both isoforms involved in G1 phase progression? 2) Do they have distinct or redundant roles? 3) Do they act via their catalytic domain? 4) Do they they regulate the cell cycle in all astroglial cells? 5) How do the isoforms regulate G1 phase progression? 6) How are the isoforms activated?



  • Prof. Dr. Dieter K. Meyer


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Illes