ELS Workshop "Early Cancer of the Larynx"

27.01.2017 bis 28.01.2017 - Workshop

Dear Colleagues and friends, On behalf of the European Larynx Society and with scientific support of the AG Oncology and AG Laryngology and trachea surgery of the German ENT-Society (DGHNO)and supportive grant of the European School of Oncology, we cordially announce and invite you to the upcoming ELS-Workshop “early cancer of the larynx” in Leipzig, 27th, 28th of January 2017. The workshop is touching many relevant topics around early laryngeal cancer like Training, skills, Imaging, early detection, endoscopy, OCT, confocal laser, microsurgery, TLM, TORS, developments in lasers, HPV, microbiology, genetics, Immune Oncology, Radiation Oncology, rehabilitation of voice, prevention, risk factors and precision individualized medicine. We are very pleased to have you especially in Leipzig which is one of the oldest, youngest and fastest growing cities in Germany. This is why we are especially grateful for this important Stimulus you are providing Leipzig, a City which has recently experienced a strong growth in scientific and educational structures. The Medical Centre of the University of Leipzig Looks back on a 600 year Tradition and will be a wonderful and stimulating place for the workshop. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Leipzig soon and I hope that we will be successful in captivating you with our city’s charming and international atmosphere. Andreas Dietz, Elisabeth Sjögren, Barbara Wollenberg, Christoph Arens, Christian Sittel, Ricard Simo For more detailed Information please see: http://hno.uniklinikum-leipzig.de/ Registration: registration fee: 120,00 EUR evening event (27th January 2017): 30,00 EUR Please register online at: http://www.ukl.vcongress.de/els2017/home