A hundred years of Film theory. Münsterberg and beyond: Concepts, Applications, Perspectives

29.06.2016 bis 02.07.2016 - Konferenz
A century after Hugo Münsterberg´s pioneering publication of 1916, The Photoplay. A Psychological Study, an international and interdisciplinary conference will look at audiovisual media from a broad variety of perspectives and disciplines. The conference will highlight Münsterberg´s achievements as a scholar, who began his academic career at the University of Leipzig before going to Harvard, via the Universities of Heidelberg and Freiburg.

The interdisciplinary character of the conference reflects /corresponds to the wide range of visions and interests that Hugo Münsterberg pursued in the course of his life. Not only his academic career, but also his biography was characterized by one constant, which was change. Born to a Jewish family in Danzig, Germany, in 1863, Münsterberg had grown up in the middle of Prussian traditions and international cultural influences. After his studies at the Universities of Leipzig (Dr. phil.) and Heidelberg (Dr. med.) and the formation of his first psychological laboratory at Freiburg, he was invited by to the United States, where he taught and researched permanently at Harvard University since 1897. The conference in Leipzig from 29th June and 2nd July 2016 will provide insight and current research into Hugo Münsterberg´s work: mainly his film theory The Photoplay in the context with other early film theories. How these have been and are reflected from a psychological point of view will be elucidated in a panel about media psychology and reception. Further presentations may feature analysis of individual academics, critics or consultants working for the audiovisual industry. Taken all in all, the conference will give a comprehensive view of the medium of film that may lead to the redefinition of the boundaries of cinematic experience. For more information please visit: www.muensterberg-2016.de