06.09.2015 bis 10.09.2015 - Konferenz
1. Leipzig International Meeting for Interdisciplinary Obesity Research (LIMIOR) "The obese brain in society"

The meeting brings together international experts on both the senior and junior level to encourage the development of cooperation and new collaborations and to promote scientific exchange between the fields. Speakers will present their research and their point of view on aspects of obesity, which will serve as the basis for lively discussions. For scientists at junior and intermediate levels, LIMIOR is a great opportunity to get familiar with a variety of perspectives while senior scientists will benefit from collaboration opportunities with international experts that represent various fields in obesity research. One major aim of the meeting is to publish a position paper, integrating the diversity of discussed concepts.Leipzig hosts two major obesity research institutions in Germany, the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases and the Collaborative Research Centre 1052 "Obesity Mechanisms". Dr. Annette Horstmann and Dr. Claudia Sikorski lead different Junior Research Groups ("Neurobiology of decision-making" and "Stigmatization") within the IFB, covering different fields of obesity research such as the neurobiological basis of decision-making and stigma in obesity. In addition, Annette Horstmann leads a Research Project ("Neurocognitive models of behavioral control in obesity") within the SFB 1052. The meeting is hosted by the Collaborative Research Centre 1052 "Obesity Mechanisms" and the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases and sponsored by the Vereinigung von Förderern und Freunden der Universität Leipzig e. V.