International Pharmaco EEG-Society (IPEG) Meeting 2014

25.09.2014 bis 28.09.2014 - Tagung

The preliminary topics include: 1. EEG-based personalized medicine/precision medicine and biomarkers 2. Pharmaco EEG in clinical and preclinical drug development 3. Drug effects on connectivity and brain function 4. Pharmaco-EEG, pharmaco-sleep EEG and assessment of wakefulness regulation in neuropsychiatric disorders 5. Clinical relevance of EEG/ERP in psychiatry 6. Neuromodulation techniques and brain stimulation methods: Clinical applications 7. Inverse EEG solutions and connectivity (LORETA) 8. Translational pEEG: guidelines and biomarkers for animal research Additionally an EEG/ERP workshop will be offered and the WMH Memorial Grant will be awarded.



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  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hegerl